EarthWater is a health and wellness company producing water and health supplements infused with some of the richest Fulvic / Humic minerals on planet earth. The Company extracts this composition (from a secret location) and liquifies them into a concentrate to create our amazing flagship product, FulHum functional water. These are the essential minerals that human body requires, but is often deprived of in our daily food sources. Our Fulvic / Humic compounds aid the body in delivering and absorbing these minerals and maintaining the right pH levels for good health. 

EarthWater’s mission is to provide products that infuse valuable micronutrients into the body with our healthy, holistic, natural ingredients supported by “Fulvic and Humic compounds.”


EarthWater's products deliver minerals, enzymes and oxygen in perfect balance to all cells in the body. Our hydrating formula increases exercise endurance and promotes shorter recovery times, balances PH, and increases absorption of minerals. EarthWater's Fulvic and Humic compounds are approved by the USDA.

EarthWater is sold globally on Amazon and is registered in London UK and operates in the USA from Addison, Texas.