How to Make Money with Social Media & EarthWater

The EarthWater Amazon Affiliate Program

As an online company, EarthWater is always looking for the right brand ambassadors to help spread the word about their experiences with our products. Brand Ambassadors are vital to companies by providing credible exposure to an already engaged and trusting audience. The system is a win for everyone – influencers who love our products and become an ambassador use the platforms they already have in place to simply demonstrate the product to their fans – Thus EarthWater gains invaluable exposure to new people, and the Ambassador gets to enjoy the product they love PLUS make money doing what they love.

EarthWater implements all of its ambassadors through the Amazon Associates program, also known as Amazon Affiliates. With our Amazon partnership, this program allows ambassadors to show off EarthWater products, while also getting compensated for their results directly through their Amazon account. Every time a fan clicks an ambassador’s link or banner ad, and proceeds to purchase anything on Amazon, the ambassador earns cash!


EarthWater’s newest ambassador, Tiffany Becerra, aka RoundTripGypsy is a fantastic demonstration of this program at work. Tiffany co-owns a recruiting company in Dallas, Tx, Net Gold, LLC, and travels the world while blogging every step of the way. “I wanted to promote EarthWater because I saw an opportunity to be a part of something big. I'm a storyteller, and I love telling people stories through my blog, my pictures, and my travels around the world,” said Tiffany! “EarthWater has an amazing story to tell and I wanted the chance to help bring it to life… EarthWater helps make it easy for me to get all of the minerals I need in one place, and I couldn't be more grateful.”

blog pic tiffany.png

Tiffany has leveraged her relationship with EarthWater into a monetary partnership by using the Amazon Associates program! Every sale that Tiffany generates on Amazon earns her a commission, ranging from 4 – 10%! To generate a sale, the user creates clickable links and banner ads through the Amazon Associates dashboard and posts them to their websites, social media channels, blogs, and apps. Once a shopper clicks a link built through the Amazon Associate dashboard, they are routed to Amazon where they can buy the item. The awesome thing about this is even if the customer does not buy the item you advertise, but rather buys other products on Amazon, you still get the commission for the sale!

Make sure you follow along with Tiffany on Instagram to see her in action, use her discount code, and watch as she takes EarthWater on all sorts of adventures! Tiffany: @roundtripgypsy

How to Become an EarthWater Ambassador:

Signing up for the Amazon Associates program is something that anyone can do, and it’s free!

1.      Go to and click “Join Now for Free!”

2.      Fill out the application! (For a walk through of the sign up, you can check out the YouTube video I created! Go to

3.      Once you have completed the sign up, you will need to enter your tax information so Amazon can issue payments to you.

4.      Create your own links and banners for your websites so you can start earning money!

Check out Tiffany’s blog by going to

If you would like more information on being an affiliate or brand ambassador for EarthWater please contact us at!