Proof of Purity: An EarthWater Experiment!

If you’ve ever been to a bar that’s serious about their cocktails, you know how serious they are about the quality of their ice. With normal, everyday, generic ice, like the ones your refrigerator pops out or the ones that come out of ice trays, you’ll notice that they all come out cloudy. Professionals in the cocktail game make sure that their ice freezes hard and clear. And there are reasons why.

Higher quality ice:

1) Takes longer to melt, therefore keeping your drink cooler for longer and without diluting into your drink.

2) Purer in nature, which ensures its ‘tastelessness’ and therefore does not, in any way, alter the taste of that $10 cocktail

3) And just looks fancier overall

But have you ever wondered why pure water freezes clear while others come out cloudy?

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First of all, water freezes at 32°F or 0 degrees Celsius. When we need to lower that freezing point, such as when we need to prevent ice from developing on roads or to help melt it, we add solvents to it, such as salt. This lowers the water’s freezing point, thus, making it harder to freeze.

When you want to freeze water, such as when you put a bottle in the freezer, the purest molecules freeze first because it freezes at the minimum freezing point (32°F, instead of 31°F or 30°F). Combined with the fact that water will freezes from the outside in, the purest parts of the water will solidify first, on the outside and then slowly inward. Thus, the pure water that froze will begin to push or squeeze the non-water particles towards the center, which will freeze last. Ultimately, this causes the cloudy or air-bubble filled center that you find in some ice cubes.

Freezing FulHum


A few days ago, our marketing manager, Marco, accidentally left his bottle of FulHum in the freezer for a night. Here’s what happened.

As you can see, the purified portion of our water froze and bonded together first, from the outside in. The strength of those bonds then in turn pushed our Fulvic/Humic Mineral Complex to the middle, enclosing it and freezing last.

Cool! RIGHT?

What if You Freeze Our Complex with Tap Water?





As an experiment, we froze our Fulvic/Humic Mineral Complex with tap water. Here’s what happened.

This gives great testament to the multi-level purification process that we undertake in order to ensure the quality and purity of the water that we deliver to you. Please Enjoy!