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In today’s society, it’s almost impossible to escape the constant bombardment of information. It seems like there are a million and one different dieting and exercise tips promising you weight-loss, fat-burn, muscle gain, increased energy, longevity, etc. But which ones are backed by scientific evidence and which ones are backed by images that convey ‘fitness’? Words like carbs, whole-grain, fiber, and protein get thrown around like we’re all nutritionists and dieticians. To be honest, what the whole-grain is whole-grain anyway? Does it come in half-grain for half the price? This massive overload of information can drive one nuts! I almost want to say, “You know what, I’m over my waist line!”. But before you go and give up on health and wellness, we implore you to first learn about the human body through credible medical text. Things such as what nutrients are, the different types of nutrients, how they’re metabolized into our cells, how that provides us energy, how fat gets stored, function of essential vitamins & trace minerals, the importance of electrolyte balance, and how water plays into it all.

Through the online version of Merck Manuals, you can learn the facts about the human body, pH level, nutrition, water, and electrolyte balance, etc. We’ve provided these links for you in the research section of our website, as well as some others to books and e-books, government websites, scientific journals, and various articles pertaining to alkaline water and fulvic/humic substances. Our hope is that you be empowered through this knowledge and figure out what your body needs and what works best for you in your efforts to achieving fitness goals.

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