EarthWater Launches New Product "PopTops" to Allow Consumption of Miracle Minerals in Any Bottle of Water


DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / February 1, 2017 / EarthWater, Inc.,, a manufacturer of high alkaline mineral infused beverages, announced today the introduction of an exciting new addition to its product line up: EarthWater "PopTops", a unique Patented Beverage Cap loaded with the rich minerals of Fulvic & Humic compounds as found in the amazing FulHum Brand,, now ready to be infused in ANY bottled water - and exclusively available in the online campaign through Amazon Exclusives (

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EarthWater Chairman, CJ Comu, stated, "We're very excited to introduce this new product. It will now enable consumers to try our FulHum miracle mineral composition in their water, tea, coffee, or any other non-carbonated drink. The unique PopTop fits on most any 12 oz to 32 oz bottle and deposits our minerals in one easy push. We hope to increase customer appreciation and in turn gain more fans of our growing product line."

The PopTops is a proprietary dosing cap technology offering a fresh and interactive beverage experience. The PopTop keeps active ingredients stable and fresh by releasing ingredients stored within the cap into any bottled beverage. PopTops are made in the USA and are a far more ecofriendly alternative to standard beverage bottling, plus they are more efficient, and better for the environment.

The PopTop technology allows consumers to add nutrient-rich formulations to on-the-go beverages. PopTops offer a unique and fresh interactive beverage experience that keeps ingredients freshly stored in the cap until consumption. PopTops gives consumers control over what and when to have in a beverage; in addition to controlling the carbs, calories, artificial flavors/colors, and preservatives.

EarthWater products are formulated and bottled in Texas. Our products are non-GMO and many processed through HPP (High Pressure Pasteurization). "Fulvic and Humic" trace minerals represent the DNA of our food groups, and is the main natural component of our 100% natural, high alkaline mineral-enriched beverage. 

About EarthWater Inc.

EarthWater, Inc.,, is a health and wellness company that manufactures all-natural products that boost your body's immunity, including beverages, liquid concentrates, and gummies under the brands FulHum ( and Zenful ( which are 100% natural, proprietary blends of organic Fulvic and Humic complexes. All EarthWater products are available online through Amazon/Exclusives: For more information, email


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SOURCE: EarthWater, Inc.